This comprises my current collection of Mirl-related artwork. I probably have a few other images that I'll scan or dredge up from floppies the next time I feel motivated, so check back occasionally for updates. Hope occasionally throws a new picture at me as well.

I have very few official dates of completion on most of this, but I can sort it chronologically and throw in a few, useless labels. If you feel motivated to use Mirl as the subject of any artwork, I would love to post it here. Until such time, though, all artwork is attributed to and the property of Hope.

Mirl's Portrait This is a more recent portrait of Mirl. The shape of her face was captured very nicely, including the kender ears.

Mirl's Body Another late Mirl, this is a very nice study of her full body. Mirl looks young in this picture, around eighteen.

Washing Dishes This image of Mirl doing dishes is not one of favorites, but nevertheless shows a facet of her. I find the style of the piece itself more interesting.

Heartful of Gold One of my favorites in the middle-Mirl period. This shows Mirl surrounded by her kids.

Icky Mirl Called Icky Mirl for a reason, this picture is distorted and a little scary.

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