My Spare Time

Selections from the Compositions of Erskin L. Meldrew

My Spare Time is the working title of these and other pieces I expect to finish composing, recording, and compiling to audio CD, "Real Soon Now". Currently I am using Melody Assistant from Myriad Software to notate my creations, so you'll probably need to go download their plugin or their player to listen to and view these files. I know the last thing you need is another silly plugin, but at least this one lets you see and print the sheet music!

Naturally, all music is Copyright © 2002 Erskin L. Meldrew as is everything on this site, unless otherwise stated. Please be decent about it, and if you'd like to do something with any of my creations, musical or otherwise, just drop me a line. Odds are I'll be flattered that you're interested at all.

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