Of all the places I have been,
And of all the things I've seen,
The one that mostly pleases me
Is home.

--Home, a poem

My name is Erskin. I call Silver Spring, MD, home after plenty of moves including the study of humpback whales off Maui and the enlistment in the United States Navy.

(As far a the Navy goes, feel free to ask me about it. Or maybe check with Marcella. Or research it on the Internet, like I did.)

Regardless, I appreciate your visit, and I'm flattered you stopped by. Let me offer my apologies that I so rarely update the site. I am working to find more time for it, but as my interests grow and my work demands increase, it does become difficult.

Currently the following resources are available here:

My To Do List
This used to keep track of what I was up to. Now it's broken and I'm behind.

Roleplaying Projects
I have a passion for a good adventure. Here's where I try and craft them myself.

My Musical Compositions
One of what will hopefully be more than one of my compositions posted for your perusal.

Psychosis Game Resources
Information on an old weird game called Psychosis.

Icehouse Games Resources
A few photos and a game you can play all relating to some weird little pyramids.

The Crida Chronicles game material
A rather loose jumble of very poor old ideas for a fantasy roleplaying campaign I'm better off forgetting I attempted.

Watson, my dead automobile (~60k)
A small photo gallery of my previous vehicle, a green 1998 Subaru Impreza Wagon, as modelled by myself and a friend. (If you're interested in this sort of thing, you might like to see my fancy australian coat. You might even want to get one yourself.)

Gallery of Happy Pants (~100k)
A gallery of photos and descriptions of some of the clothing I use to express joy. (As kindly modelled by my sister Kat.)

Ethics Across Realities
A short essay on ethics in cyberspace that I wrote for college, lost in the sudden death of an old website, and was fortunate enough to have returned to me by a friend who enjoyed it.

GPLAboutDialog v1.3 for Java
A small java class that uses the swing JOptionPane to display an "About" pane and the GNU General Public License, downloading it if necessary. Now includes a new screenshot from an actual user!

My .pubkey file
For those of you who want to say something discreetly or confirm that I said something and so need my GnuPG public key.

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae
The traditional list of information that is supposed to replace actually knowing me well enough to decide if you'd want hire me.

Miscellaneous Files
A collection of files I am somehow related to, but that are too small to warrant separate pages.

Temporary File
A grab bag of random esoterica that changes as much as hourly, depending on my mood. There is no way to know what I'll currently have thrown in here as I use it for quickly showing pictures, documents, or whatever to multiple friends without wasting bandwith on tons of attachments.

Contact Me frobnic8 138339941 frobnic8@hotmail.com frobnic8
While it seems to only draw in spam, it's seems pointless to have a way to talk to the world, only to not use it out of fear. Perhaps I'll sue some foolish spammer and get rich.

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