Watson, a '98 Subaru Impreza

L AWD Wagon with over 130k miles

Erskin and Watson on display Here Erskin relaxes against Watson's fine dark (but not quite as dark as this picture implies) green frame complete with four doors, roof rack, and manually retractable antenna.

Watson's ample storage space Watson's ample storage space is clearly indicated by the ample amount of generic stuff destined to be continuously using most of said ample storage space at any given time.

Marcella enjoying Watson's comfortable interior Marcella is seen here appreciating the finer points of Watson's luxurious interior, such as power windows and locks, reclining seats, and responsive climate controls.

Watson's now ruined passenger side Alas, an issue with a broken stoplight and a 2001 Volkswagon Jetta in Hawaii ended my time with Watson. While all the people involved were fine, and Watson even drivable after the event, it was clear his time of duty and work in this world was over. (Needless to say, the condition and amount of fire involved in the Jetta's case left me with a rather low opinion of both Jetta's and the Honolulu Fire Department.) Regardless, Watson was an excellent vehicle. He shall be remembered with respect and fondness.

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