WAVES poster (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service)

I enlisted in the U.S. Navy on November 15, 2000. I'm writing this on the eve I depart for boot camp, so don't expect any updates for awhile. I should be back in the land of the living sometime in mid-March, during which this site will probably see a flurry of activity as I tweak it to my liking.

My life is an ongoing, complex story filled with weird twists and turns. Joining the United States Navy has been one of those strange paths that I never anticipated for myself. Because of the suddenness and the strangeness of it, a lot of the people I care about are having a difficult time adjusting to this change in my life.

I've set up these journals in the hope that it will explain to some people why I'm doing this, and how I came to be in the position that I am. It's not meant to be a comprehensive reference for the Navy, but a brief collection of my personal feelings about it. For anyone else who happens on this, please feel free to use it as a reference for your own life, or questions about the Navy. Please also feel free to contact me at marcella@eldritch.org with any questions.

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