Erskin's Happy Pants

There are many facets of my personality which might cause others to find me unique. Despite this, many folks remember me simply as the guy with crazy hair and/or loud pants. While my 'wild jungle hair' is something I was born with, I often express my mood, or attempt to change my mood, through my selection in clothing. In my attempts to find something for my joyful days, I've managed to gather a collection of britches rarely worn by the timid.

Tie-Dyed Pants The first pair of intense leg wear were sewn by my Aunt Susan when my mother assured her that I would not only wear, but love, a pair of black, gold, and purple tie-dyed jogging pants. Sadly, these have degenerated to the point that all I have left is this old photo of myself dancing in them.

Pastel Palm Print Pants The pastel palm leaf print pants were accquired in college from Amy Wyman who in turn got them from her sister. Her sister incorrectly assumed that Amy would wear them, and so they were kindly offered to me. This one gesture turned my one weird pair of pants into a growing collection.

Plaid Pajama Pants My plaid pajama pants really came into their own after the addition of blue suspenders from my Barbershop quartet days. Originally a Christmas present, they now serve as yet another pair of intense pants, and also as a reminder to myself of how much fun free-floating britches can be.

Patchwork Hemp Pants For Christmas two-thousand, I was gifted with a pair of patchwork hemp pants from Marcella's grandmother Marcella. (I know, it confuses me sometimes, too.) Not only are these pants big and roomy, but they are actually long enough for my legs. When I wear them, I feel like M.C. Hammer, which in turn makes me realize how old I am.

Blue Fireworks Pants My most recent pair of over-the-top leg wear comes from Emily Frawley, and I suspect sewn by her hand directly. A thank you gift in return for a thank you gift in return for some wonderful hospitality, these blue firework pants were the last thing I wore before I prepared to ship out to Navy boot camp.

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