Here's the relevant excerpt from my converstations with David:

From: David Chastain <>
Date: 3/20/99  9:04:20 AM
Subject: RE: Your beautiful Tarot

Erskin wrote on 3/17/00 4:33:36 PM:
>I am very impressed with your beautiful Tarot images.
>I would like to link to the images off of your site to assist in
>playing a game with some friends over the web. (I'd also link
>back to your site so that everyone who saw the images could know 
>where they came from.) I wanted to ask for your permission to do
>so. [...]

Hi Erskin,

[...] I don't have a problem with it though, unless of course the
game you're playing involves say selling tarot images at bargain
basement prices...thanks for asking though.

All the best,
The Hierophant, just because I like the picture

The black and white Tarot images on these pages are from David's Tarot which is Copyright © David Chastain and used with permission. David is also wisely reserving all rights, but I'd bet he'd be happy to discuss whatever ideas you have.

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